Our Capabilities

UPC Solar takes the hassle out of the complex process of designing, constructing, owning, operating and financing solar electricity.


Securing the right site with the right features is the first step to ensuring a successful solar project. Not only do we search for a flat, sunny location, but we also make sure that, based on interconnection studies and utility direction, the site will provide electricity that supports the service area’s overall strategy. Of course, we also pay close attention to environmental issues so that our solar farms won’t endanger local wildlife or flora. When available, we look for opportunities to build on land, such as landfills, that would otherwise just sit there and be “wasted space.”


We handle every aspect of developing solar farms, from securing permits to procuring the best equipment and materials at the best prices from the leading solar suppliers. Our significant expertise in large-scale energy project development includes permitting, transmission interconnections, construction and power purchase agreements.

Active in large-scale solar project development, UPC Solar is currently developing 100s of MW of solar projects in Ontario, Canada and the United States. In addition, UPC’s European affiliates are actively developing over 150 MW of solar projects in Italy and Greece.

The UPC Solar team consists of veteran energy professionals with expertise in all aspects of power project development, including:

  • Siting
  • Environmental studies
  • Permitting
  • Project Financing
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance


As renewable technologies evolve, UPC Solar evolves with them, which means you will too. We are constantly reviewing new solar technology developments so we can help drive prices down to grid parity. We contract with leading suppliers so we’re able to guarantee supplies — even when demand exceeds supply (which is increasingly the case with solar panels).

Here are just two examples of the advantages UPC Solar brings to a project:

Hands-on experience with leading solar panel technology — Amorphous silicon thin film technology is becoming an increasingly cost-effective solution for large scale solar farms. UPC Solar owns, operates, monitors and maintains the performance of six solar projects in Southern California that utilize this technology.

Developing large power projects — UPC Solar employees have lead development of power projects of 10 MW to 600 MW from initial development through construction and operation.


UPC Solar personnel have extensive experience and competency in modeling, structuring and financing utility scale power projects. In 2007, UPC Solar closed a $100M fund from a large institutional investor to finance its initial solar power projects. The UPC Energy Group has built a strong reputation in the capital markets and has implemented some of the most innovative transaction structures seen in renewables. Several UPC Solar principals were previously employed by project finance lending institutions or otherwise have extensive experience raising debt and equity capital, including the closing of billions of dollars of project finance transactions and equity investments.